We Have Lift-Off: How To Get Your Butt High And Mighty

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We’ve been at the gym all winter and spring in to get healthy and fit (and yes, hitting the beach may partly be our motivation). Try as we might — and as many cronuts as we’ve passed on — there’s still one area that eludes us: The high-and-tighty-Lord-Almighty butt. We were hoping that walk-up apartment stairs and racing for cabs would help (in addition to clenching in fear when riding with a rage-filled cab driver) but, alas, we’re in need of a little more affection to tone the back section.
This is when we turn to the experts, like Anna Gagie, Senior Instructor at Exhale Spa, the creators of the ballet-inspired body blaster known as Core Fusion. Exactly what moves would Gagie recommend to bring our butts into their most toned shape? Anna’s got five butt-lifting moves that are guaranteed to take our backsides to new heights. Prepare for lift-off with these five signature moves:
Pelvic tilts: Lie on your back on a mat or a rug. Bend your knees and raise your posterior off the floor so your body forms a right angle. With your left leg still bent at a 90 degree angle, straighten your right leg to the ceiling and push your pelvis upward, keeping the right leg straight as if you were trying to imprint your foot on the ceiling. Do 15 reps, then change sides, and do 15 reps on the other side. Finish with both legs bent at a 90 degree angle and tuck your pelvis toward the ceiling 20 times. Repeat all three moves.
Prone: Turn over and lie belly-side down on a mat or a rug. Fold your hands one on top of the other, and place your head on top of your hands to rest your neck. Tuck your tailbone and glue your pelvis to the floor. Using your butt muscles, lift one leg off the floor 20 times, then repeat that move on the other side. Bend your knee, flex your foot toward your backside, and do 20 lifts. Repeat that move on the other side. Repeat the entire set again.
Pretzel: A move with which most Core Fusion addicts are familiar, bringing squeals of delight once it’s achieved properly, this focuses on sculpting the formation of the high and tight backside. Sit on the floor with your left knee bent straight across your body in front of your left hip, and your right knee bent behind you (with the knee facing 45 degrees behind your body). Hold your ankle as close to your butt as possible, place your hands on the floor for balance, then rotate your right hip forward, and try to lift your knee off the floor. Press your foot straight back with the knee off the ground for 20 reps, then do 20 reps lifting the knee straight up. Repeat this process on the other side.

Table Top: Get on hands and knees, with your hands underneath your shoulders, knees under hips.
Extend your right leg straight out and up to hip height. Lift your straight leg 20 times, then flex your foot toward the ceiling, and press your bent leg toward the ceiling 20 times. Repeat this process on the other side.

Stationary Lunges: Just like in regular workout class, it’s everyone’s dreaded exercise that gets the best results. Place your right leg in front, making sure your right knee is over your right ankle, with your left leg behind you, and with the left knee under your hip. Bend the left knee straight down, and pulse up and down 10 times. Repeat this move on the other side.
Repeat on the other side.

Gagie recommends performing these moves four to five times a week, coupled with regular exercise, and a smart diet, for a butt worthy of your best Brazilian wax in no time flat. We’re all about doing this — and a bit of prancercising for extra cardio — to give our butts new altitude with attitude.

Photo: Courtesy of Adidas.

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