Flipping The Script: 5 Women Who Will Never Get Married

This week, the discussion of marriage has dominated headlines and conversation. With DOMA (thankfully) struck down, the move to make marriage legal for same-sex couples is monumental. But marriage, as an institution, is still problematic for many women for many different reasons, from legal definition to larger, more theoretical issues. For some, fantasizing about a dream wedding isn't just in the cards, a piece of paper doesn't signify a healthy relationship, and religion and government don't have any place in their partnership. (Of course, for others, a wedding and a marriage is a wonderful and significant symbol — to each, her own.)
We spoke with five different women in five different stages of their lives — some have been married before but vow to never do it again, while another doesn't know if she will ever settle down, and a third is actually in a sham marriage to stick it to "the system" (yes, that exists). Each one has her own reason for saying "I don't", and while the ability to marry should be available to all, the choice to not marry is also a valid option, as well.

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