It’s Emma Watson’s World (Per Teen Vogue)…& That’s A-OK With Us

There's an air about Emma Watson that's undeniably magical. It's like she sprinkles special Emma Watson dust everywhere she goes and Bam! life is instantly wonderful. If we could, we'd follow her every move just so we could live forever in the wake of the Emma Watson effect, but alas, that would result in a restraining order. Instead, we watch from afar, secretly wishing we could be her BFF — more and more so with every movie, red carpet, and magazine appearance she makes.
And now, in Teen Vogue's August issue, Watson dons a new Saint Laurent outfit, a slicked-back David Bowie coiff (girl is growing out her hair and it is wonderful), and manages to fuse chic and punk together (MET gala attendees should take note). Honestly, she could pull a G.I. Jane and still look gorgeous, but we're all for the longer hair she's been rocking recently, for a nice change of pace.
In the inside story, she opens up about her anxiety over never being able to top Harry Potter as well as her confidence in her career, and divulges some bloody secrets from The Bling Ring set (like, real bloodshed). She tells the mag, "We were doing a scene in a nightclub and this girl accidentally put her stiletto through my toe!" Ouch! Next time, give us a call if you need a pal to recover with. We're totally normal — promise. (Teen Vogue)
The August issue of Teen Vogue hits newsstands July 2.

Photo: Courtesy of Teen Vogue/Boo George.


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