North West? The Kanye And Kim Baby Name Rumor, Part Deux

We hate to say we told you so. Except for the one time when we really love to say we told you so. Though we, along with the rest of the world, previously reported that Kim Kardashian had named her baby Kaidence Donda West, a new rumor has emerged and is currently being given top priority. This one comes straight from TMZ, which in all honesty is probably more reliable. As of last night, they're reporting the official name as North West. Some sources are pointing out that the kid will be called Nori for short.
Once you've let that sink in for a moment, please do note that we totally called this in March. And we will now note, as we did then, that North does not start with a K. And last but not least, we will go onto note that at this point there has been so much debunked speculation that everything should be taken with an entire oil drum full of salt. In fact, we're seriously considering the possibility that Kim and Kanye have punked us all. Either way, we're not believing it until Kim herself makes an announcement, or Kanye releases a demo track entitled "Queen in the North."
Image: Via Mirror UK.

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