Lights, Camera, Action! Video Dating Comes To Your Smartphone

Well, this could get...interesting. Thanks to those digital gurus over at Mashable, we just heard that At First Sight, a fully video-based online dating app has just launched and we Nervous? Intrigued? It's a little hard to tell right now.
Now the fact At First Sight is backed by none other than the host of The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison, doesn't exactly have us brimming with confidence. Nonetheless, video apps are all the rage these days, and, really, we can't think of a better way to ensure that the person you see online is indeed the person who shows up at the bar for that all-important first meet. Dunno about you guys, but falling for someone's OkCupid profile can actually prove problematic when the IRL version of that cutie you saw on your iPhone screen doesn't exactly match the person you've dreamed up based on their entry. With video dating, what you see is what you get by nature — for the first time in its long history.
There is a (what could be considered) a slight downside, however: You actually have to film a profile yourself. Honestly, can you think of anything more awkward than pitching yourself to a world of singles via iPhone video? Imagine reviewing that on your smartphone — mortifying. Then again, imagine the world of possibilities — suitors could wow you with sharp editing, dance routines, CGI special effects! Like we said, this could get interesting.
Get the app here, try not to be creeped out by the recently-separated Harrison browsing it in the video above, and tell us if you're into it in the comments below. (Mashable)
Video: Courtesy At First Sight

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