Are You Ready For Instagram Video?

No, really, are you? You best be because, come Thursday, your favorite, filtered photo-sharing app could suddenly be in motion.
According to a source trusted by digital-industry bible TechCrunch, Facebook could (and we stress, could) be announcing at a press conference this week, that all you Instagrammers will soon be able to record and share five to ten-second-long videos. Obviously, this would mark the first real, serious competition for the video-centric Vine, an app we're only now beginning to understand and love.
So, what would a video version of Instagram look like? We're imagining filters that reproduce the look of old home movies, black-and-white 16mm, and other vintage film stocks. We're also imagining a lot of ten-second long mini-movies of sunsets, languid trips to the beach, and meals at Momofuku. We mean, whatever new functionality they add, it's still Instagram, after all. (TechCrunch)
Photo: Via TechCrunch

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