Katy Perry's Beauty Routine Involves...Feelings

Katy Perry revealed her complex beauty feelings in a new Vogue video, and we have to say, it really endeared her to us. The Cut's coverage of the video focuses on the "confession" that she's been dyeing her hair black since she was 15, which doesn't really surprise us. If you find the perfect color, you stick with it, right?
Her long history of raven-colored dye jobs aside, we're mostly interested in the fact that it looks like she does a lot of her own makeup. As her hair gets styled, Perry is quickly and thoroughly combing her lashes and brows with hawk-like concentration, and touching up her lips. We like that in a girl.
Plus, she has some skin-related emotions we can relate to, even if we don't share her experience of a life in bright lights and HD video (not yet, at least). "My skin used to be a lot worse than it is," she says. "So we would do a lot more coverage because I was insecure. When you're insecure about your skin, you do a lot more." Ain't that the truth. (The Cut)

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