Do-Good Design: Paul Smith & Co. Take On World Hunger

Paul Smith is on a mission. It’s not a knitwear one, nor a colourful stripe-y one. No, it’s all in the name of charity. The iconic Brit designer is showing his support to end global hunger by leading the campaign for Enough Food for Everyone.
June 8 saw tens of thousands of people flock to Hyde Park for this same worthy cause. The Big IF rally demanded the attention of the G8 members, and highlighted the need to tackle — and end — world hunger. The premise: Everyone can have enough food if world leaders act now. The celeb-packed event got some love from Rita Ora, David Beckham, and Gemma Arterton, who all pledged their support for the cause, and now, Sir Paul Smith is standing up to the problem, too — by raising cash and awareness.
Along with Julian Macdonald, Bora Asku, Jena Theo, and David Koma, Smith has questioned the biggest “what if” in his own life, and stamped the answer on to a recyclable wristband, available for you to purchase. For Smith, it was, “What if I had never met Pauline?”, and for Macdonald, it was, “What if Karl Lagerfeld hadn't spotted me?” Heavy questions — and we encourage you to ask your own, in the form of your own personalized accessory.
So, what are you waiting for? Look good, do good, and go, get yours. (Elle)
Photo: Via Elle

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