A Father’s Day Playlist From A Badass 79-Year-Old Dad

fathers day playlist bod
Michael Brillson is the best dad (and granddad) in the world (also, in full disclosure, please note the last name of the author of this piece). He is 79 years old, and spends most of his retired life endlessly, passionately browsing Spotify for new music. Trends, "cool"-factors, and the personalities of the performers don't matter to him — in fact, it's almost as if he takes an "outsider art" perspective to his musical tastes. They aren't informed by blog posts, ratings, hype, or "the next big thing." In many ways, it's a totally pure approach to seeking out jams. Naturally, we asked for his favorite songs to kick off the weekend. (Even more naturally, we had to decipher his very particular way of typing...)

This is what he said:
"When you first threw the idea of a Father's Day playlist at me, I balked. 'A Fathers Day Playlist? What the Fa?'
'No. NO. NO!' I responded. 'You want a play list from your father? Take what you get! So there!!'
But...while lying in bed I began to think, why not? So I fooled around in my head and began to compile a list of music, and I began to have some fun...and got interested. When you called, I was ready.
So here is a partial list, a list that is merely a microcosm of my musical library, you know that. I didn't go back as far as Clan of Xymox or early Eno or even that esoteric. (Ed. Note: This is his favorite word.) But here it is:

Lou Reed — "Walk on the Wild Side"
"What can I say?"

Band of Horses — "Marry Song"

"Love the syncopated pace and true harmony."

Dire Straits — "Telegraph Road"
"Knoplers's guitar solo is worth the wait."
Delta Spirit — "Money Saves"
"Driving rhythm, can't sit still."
cLOUDDEAD — "Dead Dogs Two"
"A great takeoff on the Boards of Canada song."
Big Head Todd — "Broken Hearted Savior"
"Solid, professional group."
Radiohead — "Morning Mr. Magpie"
"Lovely sound"
Prince — "Head"
"Pure Prince and his versatility."
Joe Williams feat. Count Basie — "Everyday, I Have the Blues"
"No better male blues singer."
LCD Soundsytem — "I Can Change"
"Hard to choose."
African Head Charge — "Dervish Chant"
"Find me a harder driving, more primal group than this one from the 'On-U' days."
John Butler Trio — "Ocean"
If you play guitar, you can weep.

Above clockwise from left: Photo Courtesy of Paisley Park, DFA, TBD Records, RCA.

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