Joe Manganiello Is Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking At The ‘True Blood’ Premiere

Ah, Joe Manganiello. He with the chiseled abs and biceps as big as our heads, why must you do this to us? Just looking at his name gets our hearts racing like preteen girls thinking about Edward Cullen in nothing but glitter. Except Manganiello is a man. A big, manly man with a beard and flowing hair — almost as if he fell off the cover of the romance novel of our dreams. Manganiello came out to the premiere of True Blood's sixth season looking dashingly rugged in a John Varvatos tux and swept-back hair. But we all know what's hiding underneath that tie, and luckily we got a glimpse as he went to the gym earlier in the day, reppin' some New York City swag with his Evolution shirt.
As the human race gears up to rid the earth of vampires and werewolves in the next season of the HBO smash hit, we're stuck trying to figure out which side we want to survive: the humans or Manganiello and the werewolves. We obviously love the humans, but Manganiello is a living Greek God whose body can probably repel bullets. A girl should never be stuck in a classic Pride And Prejudice-type of decision like this. We'll just have to stare at these pictures again for good measure.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.

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