Seeing Double: Are All Women’s Mags Exactly Alike?

We've all done it, picked up the latest issue of our favorite women's magazine, and had serious déjà vu. Don't get us wrong, we think our monthly subscriptions of Cosmo and Shape alike occupy valuable positions in our reading arsenal (whether it be for self-help or entertainment purposes), but after awhile, headlines like, "How to Get It on Outside (Without Getting God-Knows-What in Your Ladybits)" start to feel a little, well, recycled. Call us picky, but how many times can we scan sex tips or learn five fast ways to get an Olympic-athlete's abs?
Turns out, we weren't the only ones with a sneaking suspicion that our workout reading material wasn't exactly original. One Reddit user recently compared two issues of Women's Health and Shape, published two years apart, to alarming results. Yep, just as we guessed, the cover lines were almost exactly the same, with strong emphasis on flat bellys, tight tushes, and something called "Sexercise." See below for visual evidence, and let us know what you think of this magazine double take. (Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post