Back Then: Would You Recognize The Bronx In The 1970s?

Even watching Mad Men can feel like culture shock for New Yorkers, given how much this city has changed. With every decade, every mayor, every economic shift, the landscape of NYC is a living, breathing thing that can seem almost unrecognizable from one year to the next. For the most part, Manhattan's core remains fairly stable, but many would argue that the boroughs have undergone a complete transformation (Williamsburg, even ten years ago, would be a different world).
This time, the Bronx takes the spotlight in a photo series from The New York Times looking back through images of the area in the paper's archives. And, of course, contrasting photos of the locations in present-day are offered as well. Yet, despite the stories of crime and disruption, you still get a sense of a place with a lot of culture and community — that, at least, hasn't changed. (The New York Times)
Photos: Courtesy of The New York Times.

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