Battle Of The Kates: Guess Which Brit Babe Has The Most Selling Power

Consider this a Kate-off. And a bit of a slap in the face to Miss Moss. That's right: One of the biggest supermodels and most sellable faces in the world has just been bumped from her perch as influential beauty icon, by none other than Princess Kate. Ouch.
According to a recent survey conducted by, an online beauty boutique, women in Britain are three times more likely to buy products favoured by the Duchess than those endorsed by Kate Moss. But, that doesn’t really surprise us. Known for her fresh-faced, rosy glow and healthy complexion, Kate Middleton works that "au nature" thing like we wish we all could, meanwhile Moss is, more often than not, snapped a little worse for wear, the morning after the night before.
But still, Moss ranks highly. Coming in second (being the current face of Rimmel, St. Tropez, and Kerastase can't hurt), the 39-year-old model still knows how to work her marketing magic. Appearing on the cover of Vogue this month, Moss looks every bit as alluring as she did in her early days in the biz — giving 20-year-olds a run for their looks.
Elsewhere on the list, there’s all your favourite beauties. Victoria Beckham takes the bronze beauty medal, and Cara Delevingne comes in fourth. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie all score up there too.
Watch your back(s), Kate(s). (Daily Mail)
KateMoss_O Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

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