James Franco & Seth Rogen Tell All About The Apocalypse

Call us unsophisticated, but we can't wait to see This Is The End, the new, apocalyptic comedy featuring Seth Rogen, James Franco, and the rest of the Judd-Apatow gang. Sure, the flick will probably be overrun with crude jokes, cheap death scenes, and bong after bong — but hey, we can't help ourselves. When else will we get the chance to see Rihanna bitch-slap Michael Cera?
The cast sat down with GQ to chat about the making of the flick, and the result is just a tiny preview of the movie's humor. From inviting Emma Watson to join the cast (Rogen: "You know, as handsome as James Franco is, you want to look at someone else eventually,") and reactions to the addition of a mini-Pineapple Exress sequel (Cera: "It’s my favorite sequence. I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was the best use of these guys’ real-life relationships with each other and how ridiculous they are as people. Self-congratulatory and childish at the same time,") to some of the flick's more, ahem, R-rated scenes, they let it all out.
Click over to the full interview for a good laugh, but make sure your boss isn't reading over your shoulder — seriously. (GQ)

Photo: Via GQ

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