Statistical Proof: Love Makes Us Happier Than Money

Married life might be riddled with day-to-day spats, in-laws, and the stresses of a joint bank account, but actually, it does make us happy. Even more so than money, as it turns out. So, step on up, Mr or Mrs Right.
Whilst cocktails and champagne might come and go (making us pretty happy in the moment), the latest studies suggest that taking a partner could be the most reliable route to long-term happiness. A study from the Office of National Statistics has found that while six-figure salaries make us smile, in the grand scheme of things, it is having a spouse that makes us happiest. Beating owning a house, having kids, or committing to a religion, marriage proved to be by far the biggest halo for our well-being.
Surveyed on 165,000 people, the study asked participants to rate their own lives in four different categories, including anxiousness, happiness, and how worthwhile they felt their endeavors were. Some pretty heavy questions, but the verdict came out crystal clear with the old "I do" producing happiness 20 times as often as financial gains. Speaking out on the joys of marriage, an author of the report says being in a marriage gives "a sense of stability, and a greater sense that their life is worthwhile."
So, does that mean we can all leave the office now and head out in search of love? (Telegraph)

Photo: Via The Telegraph

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