Save Soho's Coolest Fish & Cocktail Bar — Here's How!

There's no arguing the fact that Soho's Lure Fishbar is a true NYC establishment. The chicer-than-chic seafood spot plays host to all of the city's movers and shakers, whether they be media power players, politicians, or local celebs. We have fond memories of our own nights on the town at Lure, and it's safe to say that stretch of Mercer Street is one of our absolute favorites.
So, when we heard the deeply troubling rumors that a dramatic rent hike is threatening to close down the venerable eatery, we felt the urgent need to lend a hand. Turns out, we're not alone — hundreds of the restaurant's biggest fans are taking to the Internet to pressure landlord Peter Brant (he of Interview mag riches) to have a little compassion. If you're just as saddened about the thought of a Lure-less Soho, then join the fight — use the hashtag #savelurefishbar to let its landlords know just how much the resto means to New York. (Eater)
Photo: Via Eater

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