Catch Me If You Can! Cara Delevingne Plays Hard To Get With DiCaprio

Everyone is talking about Cara Delevingne these days. And more precisely, everyone wants Cara Delevingne. Men, pop-stars (hi, Rita Ora), and fashion houses alike, but this girl doesn't give out so easily. Besides an alleged fling with Harry Styles, a potential romance with Prince Harry, and an unlikely pairing with Jake Bugg, she's yet to commit herself to a lucky fellow. But that doesn't stop them from trying.... Step forward Leo DiCaprio. You'd think being a hunky Hollywood star with a bulging bank account and closet full of Oscar nominations would be enough to tempt a girl to dinner, but nope, DiCaprio can't catch her either.
Dripping in diamonds and oozing sex appeal at Cannes, Delevingne snubbed Dicaprio's invite to a "private celebration" after the Gatsby premiere, stating that the 18-year age gap between him and her 20-year-old self was too much. So, in short, he's too old. Ouch! As if that wasn't a big enough knock-back, the Burberry model also reportedly brushed him off for being too forward.

A source at the event reported: "He spent the night chasing after her and essentially she blew him out...he tried every trick in the book and apparently kept lunging for her but she kept dodging them." Hmm, anyone else seeing an uncanny likeness to Jay Gatsby, all of a sudden?
(Evening Standard)

Photo: Courtesy of Evening Standard

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