Rihanna Sues Topshop, But It MAY Not Be In The Wrong

UPDATE: The case is closed as of July 31, 2013. Rihanna won because the photograph used was not licensed to her, and was, instead, property of an independent photographer. (Business of Fashion)
There was a time when Rihanna seemed to be buddy-buddy with U.K. retailer Topshop, but at the moment, the friendship has been put on ice. The singer is currently suing the brand for using a picture of her face on a T-shirt without her consent. However, as WWD claims today, the lawsuit is a bit more tricky than meets the face eye. The fashion outlet reports that unlike the U.S., "there is no right of personality" in the U.K., meaning that Topshop's use of Rihanna's photo is fair game — as long as the company purchased it, of course.
RiRi does not quite see it the same way, as using a celebrity's image does suggest an endorsement by association. Which may or may not be okay, but, hey, you should ask first. The suit will be officially addressed at Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice this summer, where a decision will need to be made as to whether Rihanna has the right to know where her celebrity is being used...or if U.K. law rules. (WWD)

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

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