Tears Forever: The Johnny Depp x Winona Ryder Retrospective

Oh, BuzzFeed. Like any card-carrying Internet fiend, we get a lot of joy from silly things like "21 Rubber Ducks In Unexpected Situations." But, never before has a listicle turned us into such a sobbing heap of uselessness. We have a theory around here that celebrity relationships are so captivating because they include all the romance and perfect bone structure of a fictional story — except, we get to watch it play out in real time; as long as you don't lose sight of reality, there's no harm in keeping tabs on this sort of thing.
But, back in the '90s, we broke our own rule and crossed the line. We fell in love with Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, together, and when they broke up, all our hopes and dreams of happiness were dashed. And, then BuzzFeed has to go and drag it back up again with some heartbreakingly beautiful quotes and photos. Click through at your own risk — and be prepared to feel some voyeuristic, quite unreasonable, but extremely powerful emotions. Oh God, the emotions. (Buzzfeed)

Image: Via Buzzfeed.

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