Use Your Melon: New Technology Lets You Train Your Brain

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These days, it feels like everyone and their mom is launching a Kickstarter campaign for their tech startup. Usually our eyes kind of glaze over when we hear about another one, but this actually managed to get our attention. Named Melon, it's a "smart" headband that tracks your brain's activity. And, in tracking how your brain behaves in different situations, you can learn to improve things like your focus. That sounds like something we could use around here... oh look, something shiny!
Possibly the most inspirational part of this project is 22-year-old Laura Berman, co-founder of Melon. She's a cognitive science expert and a designer, and is responsible for bringing the brand to life. When we were 22, we spent a lot of time being responsible for not being responsible. Anyone else?
We're apparently not the only ones who think this sounds awesome. The campaign was launched on May 14, and with nearly a month left to go, the Melon team is already more than halfway to its goal. So, what would you use this app for? The promo video shows meditators and painters. In our ideal world, we'll be using Melon to help us work better so that we actually have time to focus on meditating and painting.
You can learn more about what this headband from the future does at Melon's Kickstarter page.
Photo: Courtesy of Melon.

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