Grace Coddington Wants Real Punks, Draws Cat Versions, Is Perfect

If there's one thing we love, it's Grace Coddington. And Grace Coddington loves cats. Ipso facto, we love the four-legged furries, too, especially when the Vogue creative director sketches them. And now, in what she's calling the "Stray Cat Strut" (swoon), we love them even more.
Yes, as Coddington told a Met Gala red-carpet reporter, she'd "like to see some real street punks in here," but that they "probably weren't invited." So instead, she did what she does best: drew a series of charming cat sketches, dressed up in punk attire. From a leather Versace harness dress to a regal Louis Vuitton coat, these pieces are punk, sure. But on the cats, they also look as cute as ever.
Click through right meow to adore them all. (Vogue)
Photo: Via Vogue

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