Alert: Pinterest Could Be Causing All Of Your Problems

You'd think that browsing through endless pictures of perfectly iced cupcakes and serene, all-white bedrooms would make you feel just blissfully happy and calm — but no. Pinterest is killing you with its nagging suggestion to be perfect, even more perfect than any non-catalog human being could ever hope to be.
Today surveyed 7,000 American mothers — one of the most active groups on Pinterest — and found that 42% of these women are suffering from "Pinterest stress," i.e. the concern that they're not cute and crafty and DIY-y (that's a word, right?) enough. Symptoms include "staying up until 3 a.m." looking at pictures, and thinking that the only thing standing between you and a wonderful, happy life is a rustic driftwood table and some hand-picked, wild berries.
We can't blame 'em for being disappointed (as documented on this hilarious blog Pinterest Fail). The truth about Pinterest is that most of those images are professionally styled, photographed, and retouched. That delicious strawberry pie? Chances are it wasn't made by some normal mom like you, with kids and a job that pays you to do something other than just be cute 24/7. So we say, keep crafting, keep cooking, keep experimenting. That's great. But don't freak when it doesn't turn out like the picture. Just because you don't have studio-quality lighting and a digital SLR doesn't mean it doesn't taste good — or that you didn't learn something along the way! (Today)
Photo: Courtesy of Nothing In The House.

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