Just How Bad Are NYC Apartments? This Blog Will Shock You

We've all been through the totally depressing, frustrating process that is the NYC apartment search. Sky-high prices, decrepit buildings, and nonexistent closet space are just some of the issues that house hunters experience. But we'll be honest, we had no idea just how bad some city abodes are, and just how much they cost. The Worst Room, a new Tumblr, is shining the light on all those misleading Craigslist ads, and we've gotta warn you: It's not pretty. From charging $600 for one half of a bunk bed (don't worry, the top bunk is only $500!), to a $1,600 crawlspace on the Upper East Side, this blog finds the worst of the worst. One scroll through this hall of horrors has us thanking our lucky stars for the one-room shack we call "home." After all, at least we have windows. (The Worst Room)

Photo: Via The Worst Room

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