Really? Is Gender Equality STILL Such A Struggle On Campuses?

We're gonna jump right to the heart of the matter, here: Our university years are a time for discovery and learning, and should never be spent in an environment in which things like slut-shaming and rape jokes are commonplace. Except, the U.K. is witnessing an increase in such behaviour, dubbed as "lad culture," which has led to the rise of campus feminist groups looking to combat it.
These societies now exist at the Universities of Westminster, Durham, Liverpool, Gloucestershire, and Central Lancashire, as well as Kings College London. Oh, and contrary to what some of the more staid notions of feminism might be, these groups are actively recruiting male members, for a more balanced approach to equality.
While a collection of small groups may not be enough to eradicate sexism altogether, the groups do provide a venue for women and men to join together in support of one another — a venue that simply did not exist before — and reminds us that gender discrimination is still a burning issue. (Guardian)
Image: Via Guardian

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