Mystery Man Revealed: Meet Michelle Williams’ New Boyfriend!

We were absolutely crushed when Michelle and Jason split — weren't they just the cutest?! But it seems the serial monogamist is back on that relationship horse. And this time, it's with artist Dustin Yellin. The two were spotted holding hands and ducking paparazzi (well, mostly) as they left the Met Gala party. Yellin, 37, is five years older than Williams, and lives near the actress, in Brooklyn's Red Hook, where he also owns a gallery and arts center. Cute for seven-year-old Matilda, no?
Though the Oz star looked a bit nervous about the duo's big reveal — she was biting her nails the entire time — it's clear from Yellin's powerful stride (and Williams' series of committed relationships) this creative BK couple has a strong bond (if not a firm handshake). What do you think about the pairing? Share your thoughts in the comments below. (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail


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