Today In Gross: Your iPhone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet

Okay, pull out your iPhone (or Android...anything with a big glass screen). Think about where it has been today: in our bags, in our hands, maybe even in our back pocket. And then, like, we put it on your face. Thanks to the modern condition and the fact that, hey, if we can't see it, it might not be hurting us, we can often sweep the gritty grossness of our phones under the rug because we need them so darn often.
This horrifying video is further proof that bacteria is gathering its forces to execute an all-out attack on us (we kid...kind of), comparing the bacteria atop an iPhone to other slightly seedy places — toilet seats, kitchen counters, public checkout screens. The point is, each of those get cleaned regularly, but we don't ever take a disinfectant to our phone, which is a magnet, apparently, for all things gross.
Oh well. If the super bacteria don't kill us, then the nail polish, body spray, or perfume certainly will. (Jezebel)

Photo: Via Apple

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