Surprise, Surprise: Beyoncé's Rider Is Appropriately Intense

Here's news to nobody: Beyoncé Carter neé Knowles has the world's most kooky tour rider. Why? Because she's Beyoncé. When you singlehandedly mount an empire, sing for the president and the Super Bowl within the time span of a few weeks, tame the most untamable bachelor in America, and pump out hot jams on the regular, you are allowed a couple of quirks — even if they read like a Simpsons episode.
According to The Telegraph, the singer requires $900 of straws...made of titanium...for special alkaline water that's (wait for it...) served at exactly 21 degrees Celsius. Hey, sometimes you just know how you want your water. She also apparently insists that her crew wears 100-percent cotton (in case she has a reaction) and she will only use red toilet paper. Another item on her list is a hand-carved ice ball for her to suck after every performance, which makes sense: Those store-bought ice balls really just don't cut it.
Hey, to be fair, when you are one of the most successful musicians of all time, you could have your dressing room lined with angel long as you put on a good show. (The Telegraph)
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Beyonce

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