Sofía Vergara's 5-Year-Plan Sounds Pretty Good To Us

Sofía Vergara has a lot to offer — she's funny, lovable, and best of all, totally authentic. Whether or not you love her Latin-fabulous character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family, one thing is undeniable after reading this Cosmopolitan interview: She's got a lust for life and doesn't care what anyone thinks.
Too often, magazine interviews with celebs of her caliber are so transparently scripted, it's hardly worth reading. But this is not one of those cases. While we highly suggest you pop over and read the full version for more than a few chuckles, there are two things that stand out. First of all, her five-year plan: “I’ve never had a plan for anything." Awesome. "But I am going to be working my whole life. I love making money. I really love it!” Well, hey, more power to you then!
And best of all, she's honest about dealing with the media's scrutiny of celebrity bodies and how they dress — but she's not letting it faze her, either. “I have learned that not everything looks good on me because of my boobs," she says. So she sticks to what works, despite some critics' complaints that she always wears the same shape. "I’m like, 'Yes! So what?' My boobs are real. They’re a 32F. I can’t wear something backless, because what holds them up? Then the magazines would be saying, ‘What was she thinking with those sagging tits?’”
Fearless? Yes. Empowering? For sure. Doesn't care if you like it or not? Definitely. Sofía, keep it coming, if for no other reason than that we secretly love seeing your face on the giant K-Mart billboard by our office every morning.
Photo: Matthias Vriens-McGrath/Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.

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