Lindsay Lohan’s At It Again — With Another Great Outfit!

We've had our differences with Lindsay Lohan. For one thing, we don't condone special treatment for celebrities in the court of law. And, we're all about safety first when operating a multi-ton piece of metal. Not to mention — Scary Movie 5 isn't exactly the pinacle of cinematic achievement — but even so, a part of us still roots for this girl who's had her life ripped apart by bad influences (read: drugs, alcohol, paparazzi, and tabloids), especially after we saw this video of her keeping it cool on Letterman earlier this week. So, we were pretty pleased to see her stepping out last night and looking decidedly fly on the Scary Movie 5 red carpet.
The super-long hair and braided crown (presumably extensions, but whatever) were gorgeous, a very SoCal match for her fitted yet demure dress. And, those edgy, bondage-like stilettos kept this outfit from straying too far into boho land. She looked chic, but above all, comfortable and happy — a rare sight for LiLo when she's in front of the camera. Say what you will about her acting skills, but you gotta admit, she looks pretty great in this photo...right?

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.

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