He’s Baaaack! Ryan Lochte Is Cosmo’s (Shirtless) Guy Of The Month

Ryan Lochte is at it again (though he never really stopped going HAM) and we can't decide whether to rejoice or shrug our shoulders. Already training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Ryan found the time to chat as the Cosmo Guy of the month in Cosmopolitan Magazine's May issue. What makes him worthy of such a title? His new reality show, his love life, and his headshot, of course! Okay, we admit, that last one's not so bad.
Most recently, Ryan has been busy with What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Oh, and dating, "I am a single guy right now, but you'll see me going on dates." As for turn on and offs? Ryan needs someone that can "hold her own." Though, he says she doesn't have to play a sport (phewsh!).

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Photo: Via Cosmopolitan Magazine