Mayor Michael Bloomberg Plays Cover Boy For L’Uomo Vogue

bloomberg body

Well, this is unexpected. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is covering
L’Uomo Vogue's
May issue and tackling tough questions regarding Hurricane Sandy, climate change, and how to make NYC even more resilient (not that we need to be reminded of how awesomely tough we already are). Franca Sozzani, L'Uomo's editor-in-chief, told the Financial Times she chose Bloomberg because she knew seeing him on the cover of a fashion magazine (rather than publications like Forbes or The Economist) would get people talking. It certainly caught us off guard.

In the issue — which is appropriately the magazine's (and Italy's) first certified carbon-neutral edition— the mayor (and staunch environmentalist) explains how "imperative it is that we lead the way in implementing changes to mitigate the impacts of climate change" regarding cities like New York. In addition to the city's revamped bus system, he talks of future bike-sharing initiatives, and how new energy codes will save New Yorkers almost $750 million a year in energy costs, meaning more money to spend updating our closets giving back to the community. (The Daily Beast)

Photo: Courtesy of L'Uomo Vogue/Francesco Carrozzini.