Women In Finance: A Comprehensive List You Need To Know

When it comes to breaking glass ceilings, women have come a long way even in the last few years. In media, especially, there has been an amazing amount of discussion of late about the role of women in politics, education, and the notoriously difficult STEM fields. We've even seen research that companies with women in board positions are more profitable. But what about Wall Street? Are women making as much progress there as they are in liberal fields? Well, this amazing infographic from The New York Times may have the answer.
The paper of record's DealBook blog explores the stories behind the top women in finance, the CEOs and top execs navigating the waters of gender politics and career ambition in a world where women are grossly underrepresented. While they account for half the Wall Street work force, at the executive level, that number drops to only 3%. If that makes your blood boil, don't get mad, get proud — proud and excited that that number is changing, thanks to a handful of amazing women who've made it to the top and stayed there. Check it out – this is the very definition of girl power! (The New York Times)

Photo: Courtesy of The New York Times/Via The Wall Street Journal.