Forks Up! What It’s Like To Dine At Disneyland’s Super-Exclusive Restaurant

Everyone's heard the whispers about Disneyland's exclusive hideaway, but only a select few have stepped foot inside Club 33. So, when we caught wind that one lucky
LA Weekly
staffer was granted access to the happiest place on earth infamous supper club, you better believe we dropped everything to eat up every word of her account.

Before the writer dished about the grub, there was the topic of decor — since opening its doors in 1967, Club 33 has been a secret spot where Walt Disney himself hosted celebrities, park investors, and politicians. Naturally, the embellishments were hand-selected by Disney and his wife, and the space remains the only area in the park to serve booze (cheers!). Between the old French elevator and the original artworks, the restaurant is Disney's ode to the finer things in life, namely the decadent chow and cutlery. The tableware and pens (for signing checks) are flown in from England, and popular menu orders include the King Crab stuffed lobster tail, the pan-roasted filet mignon, and the Colorado lamb chops with a thyme-infused stock.
Limited to just 500 members, the club has a $25,000 initiation fee with an additional $10,000 in annual dues. People have been known to wait over 14 years for their acceptance letter — and not before some heavy-duty background checks. So, while money can't buy you happiness, it might just grant you access to the swankiest spot in the Magic Kingdom! (LA Weekly)

Photo: Via LA Weekly