The App That’s Changing The Way You Get Your Celebrity News

Whether you like him or not, Perez Hilton has done a lot for the celebrity and pop-culture world. He's pioneered the celebrity nickname (T Swizzle, Lindsanity, Zacquisha...), brought gossip up (or maybe down) to a new level, and his elementary use of Microsoft Paint (or something similar) on paparazzi shots has become — dare we say it — iconic of a certain type of vicious, devil-may-care attitude.
Normally we'd shy away from something that's already so ingrained in the Perez Hilton aesthetic for fear of being a poser, but this app is just too much fun. Drawma is the latest celebrity-gossip app that delivers pretty much the same fodder you can find on Perez, Just Jared, and Gawker — only now you can doodle on the pictures (Draw-ma, get it?). The app pulls news from 20 of the top gossip feeds, so keeping up with the Whomevers won't be a problem.
What makes this app a real guilty pleasure are the three options for engaging with your lowest-common-denominator celeb news: Doodle it, meme it, and share it, the only thing missing is bop it. Say you scroll by a picture of Taylor Swift's latest breakup and feel a need to scribble all over the offender's face? Just like that, banal information becomes fun, or at least something to do on the train. Or maybe you see a photo of Diane Kruger with a cat; make a meme of it and see your Internet fame skyrocket*.

*Internet fame not guaranteed.

drawma Photo: Courtesy of OneLouder.

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