Magazine’s Striking Cosmetic Surgery Spread Is Kind Of Sinister

Plastic surgery in editorials is nothing groundbreaking in fashion, but it is always an interesting, revealing theme for a shoot. By taking what is done behind closed doors and in a private, medical facility and then giving it a glossy, glamorous sheen adds a surrealist element to the ways in which we edit or enhance our bodies. Editorials like this don't comment on the "rightness" of cosmetic surgery — though's adds a kind of histrionic glee that feels a little sinister — but instead focuses on the way we poke, prod, and pull ourselves to "get right."
The best part of these shoots are always beautifying the "ugly": Baard Lunde's lens features a model with flawless make up, but the way in which her face and body are distorted becomes creepy. At the end, model Jordan Almen's gleeful, hysterical look is the only time she smiles — but is also the only time she doesn't have a contraption pulling at her skin. After injecting, plying, and cutting, we've got a manic, bandaged, and kind of insane version of beauty. Check it out. (Fashion Copious)
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