Marion Cotillard Is In A Fight With This Handbag

This Dior bag was evidently quite rude to the brand's Miss Dior spokesperson, and Marion Cotillard is not speaking to it, rightly so. Tabloids report the couple was seen arguing at a night club last night, but the couple insists they're staying together, though they don't look happy about it.
Seriously, though — what is the cryptic message behind this ad campaign? Dior bags will make you mad? They're so beautiful, you'll just be jealous and wish you could be as pretty? Or maybe it's just reminding you that high fashion is a love-hate-love relationship between you, your handbag, and your wallet. Either way, we're digging Ms. Cotillard more than ever. She's living proof that sponsorship gigs don't have to be all vacant smiles and hair flips, instead putting her acting skills to the test to really convey some emotion with those picture-perfect facial expressions. What emotions, we can't be sure. But there are emotions.

Photos: Courtesy of Dior.

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