Watch: Non-Ryan Gosling Men Get 17 Phone Numbers Without Saying A Word

Ladies, ladies, ladies. There are countless ways that men have tried to get our phone numbers, but this is definitely new. From the classic one-liners to the not-quite romantic gesture, we've seen a lot, but we're not sure we've ever seen this before: two guys, zero words, 17 phone numbers.
We'll admit we're a little impressed by their powers of persuasion, but we're not really sure how it's all happening. To avoid speaking altogether and still score a number? What kind of witchcraft is that?
Perhaps the most impressive part of the entire video is that the sixth phone number is secured not only without speaking, but with an unexpected and typically uncool device. One that screams I'm way behind the times: A flip phone. Do they even make those anymore?
Curiouser and curiouser. But of course, the creep factor cannot be ignored here. Many of these women are bikini clad or by themselves — easy targets for a leering, predatory man and his video camera. And to be honest, we started out watching hoping it wouldn't be this easy. Hoping that the value of charm, politeness, and a bit of articulate banter would win out. Plus, there's something that strikes us as a bit demeaning about the suggestion that a man can win a woman over without exerting even enough energy to open his mouth. But what about you?
Do you find it all to be reasonably entertaining, a little bit troubling, or a non-event, considering the fact that most of these numbers are probably fake? (Digital Spy)

Video: Via YouTube

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures

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