Rumor Has It: Adele's Being Courted By Beauty Brands With DEEP Pockets

According to The Sun, some heavy-hitting brands are pursuing Adele for a new cosmetics deal. The rumoured interested parties include Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, and Dior — some of the biggest names in the beauty game — and the offers are purportedly to the tune of £10,000,000.
In typical he-said she-said fashion, the fire behind these rumors is kept aflame by the musings of "inside sources." One of these sources has apparently stated that Adele "would only accept if the campaigns were to her taste and incorporate her music. The last thing she wants is a cheesy ad with a naff catchphrase. They would have to be in keeping with her personality." This same source also claims that, though it will take a lot of persuasion, "it looks as if she's close to signing a deal."
Even if this source is just pulling our leg, they've got one thing right: As a celebrity, aligning yourself with someone else's brand is a delicate art. If Adele is under hot pursuit from these brands, she must make the decision in the face of some serious claims she's made about celebrities who "sell out" by fronting campaigns. According to Digital Spy, she was quoted in 2011 as saying "It depends on what kind of artist you wanna be, but I don't want my name anywhere near another brand." How can she maintain her image as an independent voice and be the face of an international company? How will she explain a decision to partner with a brand after working so hard to distance herself from the idea?
Maybe this is all just hearsay, but we can't say we'd hate having larger brands incorporate some diversity into their global maneuvers. Too often, we see the same generically beautiful spokespeople (stunning, but never anything new) for women's beauty products. With the slow-but-sure incorporation of a wider representation of faces, ethnicities, shapes, and personalities, we don't think a more welcoming face of beauty branding is too far in the future. Plus, we kind of like the sound of an eponymous Adele line of cosmetics. But, baby, is that really what you want? (Digital Spy)
Images: Via Digital Spy

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