London Just Keeps Getting Scarier

Yeah, probably. Lately, our fair city has been plagued by a rash of frightening discoveries. Just the other day during construction on the city’s Crossrail project, workers excavated a pit filled with 13 bodies (and counting!) of poor souls who may have been victims of the Black Plague during the Middle Ages (or pirates, one can never be sure). Not a total shock, mind you. London was hit hard by the disease. Still, it's not exactly the most pleasant surprise, is it?
Regardless, unearthed ancient relics are becoming quite the common thing in these parts. Last month, Roman remains were dug up underneath the London Bridge Station. Around the same area, a bathhouse was discovered just two years prior. Oh, and let's not forget last year’s discovery of 300 bodies believed to be inmates of the former Bedlam Hospital. So creepy.
Now we can’t help but wonder, but did those happy moments when we bought our Burberry trenches, McQueen frocks, and Topshop accessories all take place atop of mass graves? Is London’s constant underground construction disturbing the spirits beneath? Is that why the lights keep flickering in our offices? Hold us. (The Atlantic Cities)

Photo: Courtesy of Crossrail.

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