This Is The Oddest Piece Of Nail Jewelry You’ll See Today, Promise

Look, we love a good risk when it comes to nail art. The more chevron, ombré, sparkles, and patterns we can get, the better! But sometimes, we just get a little tired of all the trends. Can't a girl just enjoy a plan ol' manicure for once?
According to Pantone, no, she may not. The company's latest foray into the realm of shoppable products is this perplexing fingertip ring, created in partnership with Sephora to celebrate this year's hot hue, emerald green. Does it look like something Jabba would buy for Princess Leia if they lived in the Land of Oz? It might.
Honestly, we're wary to make judgments of a product we can't even imagine in action. What will this little tip of nail look like on a real person's finger? The odd part is that it doesn't even cover your entire nail. We could maybe see these becoming popular as the ultimate diva's substitute for press-ons, but we're a little put off by the idea of a random bit of green "fingernail" dangling around like this. Would you wear it?

Sephora + Pantone Universe Emerald Tip Ring, $22, available at Sephora.

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