VIDEO: Mila Kunis Stars In The World’s Greatest Interview

Mila Kunis is right up there next to Jennifer Lawrence on our list of celebrities we pretend to be friends with — her relatable personality, her willingness to goof off, and her on-screen vibe are all things we love about this bona fide style star. But this? This takes it to a whole new level.
When an intrepid young BBC reporter was tasked with interviewing Mila in connection to her role in Oz The Great And Powerful, suffice it to say he was a bit nervous. So nervous, in fact, that he kind of botched the job. And when we say botched, we mean he went off-script, tossed the boring questions, and embarked on a conversational journey that resulted in one of the best videos we've seen all week. There's nothing like a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a celebrity, and this is one of those rare moments when we remember they really, really are just like us! For such a big star, it's crystal clear that Ms. Kunis has stayed in touch with her roots. And as for this interviewer, we're thinking his own chance at stardom is just around the corner (he's kinda cute, right?).

Video: Courtesy of BBC.

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