Headscratcher: Why Is Jessica Chastain Channeling Avril Lavigne?

A quick glance at this photo had us musing to ourselves, "Gee, Avril Lavigne is looking kinda smoking hot these days." Then we looked at the image description and did one of those cartoon double takes. Jessica Chastain, is that you?!?
The Oscar nominee seems to be unleashing her inner "Sk8er Girl" with super-lacquered locks and what looks like (at least in this lighting) an ombré dye job while out and about for Paris Fashion Week. We pored over tons of pics from the shows and her hair looks different in each one, making it difficult to tell if the dye job is real or just a trick of the lighting. She's definitely done something with her color, we just can't tell quite how drastic it is from this one group of shots.
Regardless, this is definitely something way out of her usual styling toolbox, which is probably why we didn't recognize her at first. And while we love the hair (seriously, can you say mirror shine?), the verdict is still out as to whether or not we love it on her. (Please note: Our love for her, of course, is undying and pure.)
Help us out readers: Is J.Chas' new 'do a major mane moment or a rare misstep for the stylish star?

Photo: Joseph Kerlakian/Rex/Rex USA.


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