ScarJo's Starting An All-Girl Group, And We're Kind Of Already Loving It!

Though her career moonlighting as a serious musician was originally met with meh reviews, Scarlett Johansson is also the poster child for sticking to your guns. So what if critics weren't too fond of her Tom Waits' covers back in 2008, look who's laughing now! Girlfriend was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song (she lost to Adele), and now she's taking those good vibes and forming an all-girl band, inspired by The Go-Go's.
Nothing was lost in translation when the actress recently appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael and revealed, "we're called the One and Only Singles...We're kind of doing our Go-Go's thing!" So, that means between Cat on a Hot Tin Roof curtain calls and posing for Dolce & Gabbana, ScarJo also plans to squeeze in some time at the studio. We're not quite sure when she'll actually have time to sleep, but at least she's not planning a wedding on top of it! (Huff Post)
Photo: Via Huff Post

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