Anna Wintour Convinced Alex Wang To Head To Balenciaga

Since the news broke of Alexander Wang's plan to follow in the steps of Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga, there has been endless discussion of what to expect, what will be different, and, naturally, can he do justice to the fashion label's history. As the anticipation draws to a close, Suzy Menkes finally clears up some of the mystery behind one of the biggest fashion news items of 2012.
In the New York Times today we finally find out that, while we were tossing several names into the ring for possible Balecianga successors, François Henri Pinault of PPR was quite quick to offer the position to Wang. The 29-year-old designer was hesitant to commit, but there's really nothing like a little encouraging push from your friends…especially when that person happens to be Anna Wintour. As the article states, the Vogue editrix told Wang, "he would never forgive himself" for turning down the opportunity.
The Menkes profile continues to allow Wang the opportunity to clear up a few seedy rumors before entering a new stage in his career, such as the suspicion that he comes from a family of Chinese garment makers — a claim that he says is false. And while Menkes makes the effort to illustrate every way in which Wang is quite the opposite from the man who created his namesake label, Cristóbal Balenciaga, it may be those very differences that could take the fashion house to a fresh and exciting new level. (New York Times)

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