Who's That Girl? Tina Fey Glams It Up For Time's Style & Design Cover

Jennifer Lawrence may be our girl-crush du jour, but Tina Fey will always have a piece of our hearts. She's funny, she's successful, and we'd ditch our Friday night plans to go on a date if she asked us (just sayin'). Her unabashedly-honest approach to womanhood and life-musings are relatable, not to mention hilarious. She may not have the most creative style in the business, but that's okay, we like Tina just the way she is. Needless to say, when we saw her on the cover of the Spring 2013 Time Style & Design issue, our jaws simultaneously dropped as we did a double-take.
Who knew Liz Lemon could work a corset and ostrich feathers like a seasoned print-model? Photographer Paola Kudacki captured the self-described clueless dresser in rare form. "I don’t actually know what I like to wear in real life," muses the comedian, in the issue. She certainly seems awfully comfortable in couture, though.
"For seven years, I would literally pull something off the floor because it was six o'clock in the morning, go to work, put on my wardrobe until the end of the day, put on what were basically pajamas, and then go home." That's all going to have to change now that post-30 Rock life is beginning and there's no pre-styled costumes ready to go. Lucky for Fey, we've got plenty of style tips for her in case she ever comes calling (seriously, Tina. Please call). (TIME)
Photo: Paola Kudacki/Courtesy TIME Style & Design

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