Check In At The Soho House—& Use Our Exclusive Discount!

Just because it's no longer the fourteenth, that doesn't mean we're going to stop taking advantage of Valentine's Day treats. Come on, we don't have to tell you that all those boxes of chocolates have been marked down at your local Duane Reade — we know you already stocked up. So, why put an end to all that lovey-dovey goodness?
But, trust us, this is better than candy: Grab your S.O. (or, hey, even your BFF), and book a room at the members-only, downtown cool bastion, Soho House, because we got you an exclusive discounted rate. From now until Monday, all bedrooms are only $285 a night when you mention your very favorite site (a.k.a. Refinery29 — we're sure we didn't have to tell you that, either).
What you do once you've checked in is up to you. Hit up the Cowshed Spa for a massage, make a rez at the renowned resto, or just bring along some DVDs and all those half-eaten boxes of Godiva. Now, that sounds like the way to make the most of a holiday. Plus, it's the weekend, and that's as good an excuse as any to splurge.

Soho House, 29-35 Ninth Avenue; 212-627-9800.

Photo: Courtesy of Soho House