Is Shoshanna Being Killed Off Girls?

Apparently Lena Dunham is a little more morbid than the Girls soundtrack would suggest. When Tavi Gevinson interviewed the writer and actress for Garage magazine, she couldn't help but ask which character Dunham would kill off — you know, just for added drama? "I think about it all the time," she said. Okay, we get that. It's such an established TV trope, we can't blame her for thinking inside the box now and again. But who, you might ask, is the unlucky lady? “I don’t want to kill Jessa off because it’s too obvious. She seems like the person who’s going to drive off a cliff or contract a horrible, life-threatening disease through bad behavior — or she’s going to eat something weird and get something strange. The implications of Marnie dying would be too insane for Hannah. Which only leaves the option of Shoshanna.”
Why, Lena? What has poor Shoshanna ever done to you? This is just heartbreaking. But TV's most bubbly, naive young thing got a potential reprieve, thanks to Dunham's subconscious identification with Hannah: "There’s something with Hannah where if Marnie dies she’d be happy, and I would be happy to be done with her f***ing problems forever." Gasp!
Though, in all honesty, we don't believe the golden foursome would ever be cut down in the name of soap opera drama. It's just not in line with the rest of the show. Still, we might be a little nervous every time Shosh is on screen this season. You never know when an anvil will suddenly fall out of the sky these days.

Photo: Courtesy of HBO


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