Don’t Worry, Jennifer Lawrence Is Awkward At Parties, Too

Guys, our love for Jennifer Lawrence has reached a critical mass. In fact, we feel so strongly, we might just turn R29 into The Official Jennifer Lawrence fan club (nice knowin' ya!). Well, okay, we probably wouldn't go that far — but when it was revealed that not only do we share an occasionally overwhelming awkwardness at high-profile parties, but that the star also has a deep appreciation for Uncle Jesse, we nearly lost it.
Seen here being adorable on Conan because she just doesn't know any other way, JL explains how, when she found herself in the same room as Mr. Stamos, she proceeded to act like a total dork. We won't explain the story, just watch the video, because she tells it more endearingly than we ever could. There are only a few actors out there who you can tell are completely unscripted, and she's one of them! She's totally irrepressible, and in Hollywood, that's a good thing. You go, J. Law. Don't ever stop.

Image via Complex.


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