Hold Up: This Is What Karl Lagerfeld Really Said About Michelle Obama

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Karl Lagerfeld's recent appearance on French TV news program Le Petit Journal is actually pretty enjoyable. The notoriously elitist designer takes the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at himself and comes across as much more relatable than we're accustomed to. He's got a lot of sensible things to say about gay marriage (despite some not-so-nice comments in the past), too. So, why is everyone making such a fuss about this video?
He doesn't care about Angela Merkel, nor is he fazed by Gérard Depardieu's recent Russian citizenship. But he does have something to say about Michelle Obama's bangs — and you know what? Despite his generally not-so-nice attitude, he actually voices his opinion about the FLOTUS' new bangs in a very respectful manner. Though lots of news sites are claiming he insulted her by saying she looks like a TV news anchor, this is our best attempt at an accurate translation:
"I don't understand her change of hairstyle...I love Mrs. Obama, but there is a news anchor on [French network] LCI with that same hairdo. It's not flattering. Honestly, bangs aren't a good idea. It's not good." So, for once, let's all give Karl a break. Yes, he's said a lot of mean, possibly inappropriate things in the past. But in this case, he's actually sharing his opinion (which the host very specifically asked for, mind you) in an honest, kind, way. Good job, buddy. We're on your side this time.

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