Is This NSFW Wardrobe Malfunction From The Paris Runways Intentional?

Look, we're not stupid. We know a good portion of what goes on in Hollywood is manufactured by agents and managers and publicists in the name of ratings, box office draw, and tabloid sales. Still, we like to think that nip slips are the last bastion of good ol' fashioned, all-natural drama in Tinseltown. And yet, this dress might be proof that even those infamous wardrobe malfunctions are planned....
Though, to be fair, we can't say for sure. Nobody seems to have a final answer on whether or not this boobage from Alexandre Vauthier's 2013 haute couture show in Paris was on purpose or not. Granted, if it was, it can't have been totally unexpected — the model looks supremely un-phased, and the dress is cut in such a way that pretty much anyone would be hard-pressed to keep it in place without tape. Vauthier's designs aren't exactly known for modesty, but this is a whole new level of flaunting the goods. (HuffPo Style)
What do you think? A planned shocker or pure accident?
Image via HuffPo Style.

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